Where do you serve?
  • We provide service from our apartment (home) – We appreciate all clients who make an appointment.
Business hours
  • Monday – Friday
  • 9am to 6pm
  • Saturday
  • 10 am – 5 pm
  • appointment only
What service do you provide?
  • All kinds of alterations, repairs, resizing, patches, mend by hand for ladies and gentlemen: suit, jeans, dress, bridesmaids dresses, evening gowns.
  • we don’t do alterations on leather ,knit , velvet fabric
Will you visit us
Do you take walk-ins?
  • No
Who will be altering my clothes?
  • We are experts tailors with years of experience in alteration
Do you do alterations on leather?
  • Currently, we are not offering this service.
Do you do Custome garments?
  • No, unfortunately
Could you redesign my dress?
  • No, because I’m not a designer
Do you have rush service?
  • Yes! for more information text us at 347-743-6323
What is the turnaround time?
  • Usually, takes 4 days to 14 days. It all depends on how many pieces and how big the alterations are.
Should I try on my garment once it’s been altered?
  • Yes / NO All up to you. all garments that have been altered can be fit at your convenience, you could try them at your home or right on my spot to make sure it’s accurate as needed. All alterations are guaranteed for 90 days due to body changes
How soon can I pick up my clothes?
  • Usually, you get notifications from us to pick up your clothes and you have 90 days from the day you get the notification, after that we will donate your clothes.
Do you offer a delivery service?
  • Yes, I do deliveries.
  • Fee Applied
A tailor will Visit you ( HOUSE CALLS) Do I need to book an appointment for this service?
  • Yes
Is there a fee for this service?
  • Yes, it depends on your location
Do you provide rush service?
  • No, we don’t provide rush service for House Calls, only if you can come to our location.
Service for bridesmaid dresses & gowns
Is the consultation free?
  • Your consultation – bring in your dress to get the price of alterations – is FREE
  • If you are agreeing to the price your consultation is also your first fitting so We pin the dress
  • Note: first fitting you should bring your shoes and accessories for your fitting
How much do alterations cost for bridesmaid & gowns?
  • Price can vary depending on how many alterations need to be done. $45-280 – get pricing by visiting us
  • We itemize and charge only the amount of work needed
  • *Garments with a lining cost more to alter than unlined garments. Also, keep in mind that multiple layers of a dress will increase the cost of a dress hem. 
Do you alter, custom wedding dresses?
  • No, I don’t, also we don’t do alterations on sequined, beating, pearls, fluffy dresses